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    What Is Sonic Cleansing And How Does It Work?

    What Is Sonic Cleansing And How Does It Work? - Eggee Co - Sonic Facial Cleansing Device


    The sonic cleansing movement is taking the skincare industry by storm. Bloggers, vloggers, dermatologists, and everyday people are raving about the wonders of sonic cleansing. Those who once suffered spotty, blemished and uneven textured skin are now celebrating the joys of a clear complexion thanks to the introduction of sonic cleansing in their daily routine.

    We're all sensitive about our skin. Our skin is the canvas we show the world. It’s only natural we desire this canvas to look and feel the best it possibly can. Unfortunately, perfect skin isn't always possible. No matter how many chemical formulas we use or vegetables we eat, sometimes, our skin remains looking dull, lifeless and irritated. Sonic cleansing approaches skincare in a new way. 

    In this blog post, we're sharing everything you need to know about sonic cleansing and why you need to start using sonic cleansing as part of your skincare routine. 

    Why Is Cleansing A Crucial Part Of Our Daily Routine?

    Cleansing is a crucial part of our daily skincare routine. Washing your face removes unwanted debris and dead skin cells, helping your skin thrive. Every day, you're exposing your skin to dangerous pollutants and harmful bacteria. The presence of dirt, pollution and dead skin cells on the skin contribute to breakouts, premature ageing and overall dull complexion. Cleansing your face twice a day is crucial for healthy and happy skin.

    What Is Sonic Cleansing? 

    Sonic cleansing gets its name from the term “sonic speed”. The sonic cleansing skincare method uses new technology that involves silicon bristles oscillating against the skin at sonic speed. These tiny bristles loosen dirt and oil from the surface of the skin, allowing for a deeper cleanse. Unlike other skincare methods, the gentle silicone bristles on the sonic cleansing brush penetrate the skin's surface without causing irritation or damage.

    Why Sonic Cleansing Needs To Be Part Of Your Skin Care Routine

    Many of the chemicals and lotions we put onto our skin get trapped in the skin's surface. Oil-based products cling to the skin's surface, clogging pores and leading to breakouts. Regular skin care techniques can't remove these deep-seated impurities. The bristles, high speed and soft texture of the sonic cleansing brush reach deep into the skin's pores to remove excess dirt. If you use SPF and oil-based cleaners as part of your daily skincare routine, sonic cleansing is the only method that ensures these liquids don't remain hidden on the skin's surface.

    Sonic skincare is part of the skincare revolution. Rather than loading our skin with harsh chemicals and formulas, sonic skincare provides the ultimate tool for clear and healthy skin. Using your usual skincare routine, introduce the sonic skincare brush for a deeper cleansing experience your skin will love. If you're suffering from unhealthy skin, you don't need a miracle; you need sonic cleansing. Sonic cleansing takes the mystery out of skincare and makes having happy and healthy skin simple.